November 21 - 23, 2017

International Exhibition of Football, Related Industries and Equipment

Media Sponsors
Exhibition Group
  1. Producers and importers of sport clothing
  2. Producers and importers of sport shoes
  3. Producers and importers of sport balls
  4. Producers and importers of gym equipment
  5. Producers and importers of medical supplements
  6. Producers and importers of sport equipment and electronic devices
  7. Producers and importers of sport floor covering and artificial turf
  8. Manufacturers and importers of football video games
  9. Manufacturers and importers of sport medical equipment
  10. Manufacturers and importers of football equipment
  11. Construction, architectural and civil engineer contractors of stadiums ‎and gyms builders
  12. Investor companies in sport field
  13. Supporters of trade, financial, and economic Associations and ‎institutions ‎
  14. Sport Medias
  15. Schools and academies of football
  16. Introduction of authors and publications of football
  17. Active companies in the field of green space and environment
  18. Domestic and international agencies of players and managers ‎transfer
  19. Manufacturers and importers of training equipment of football, futsal, ‎and beach soccer
  20. Consulting companies and talent scouts
Side programs
  • Organizing workshops in different fields, including: Women football development / Methods and management training and management development of clubs / Holding medical, therapy, legal educational, and sport marketing courses / Professionalization of football clubs
  • Sport panel
  • Inviting international guests
  • Introducing new ideas sector in football
  • Rewards for top companies and booths
  • Holding special ceremonies (1 for each day)
  • Organizing a game between the visitors and giving rewards
  • Selecting the best article and giving reward
  • Introducing the everlasting icons and elites, consulting companies, and talent scouts
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